Defensive Handgun Selection

Proper selection of your defensive handgun is VERY important!
There are a number of factors that you should consider which are shown below.
Following that you will see my selection of the top 2 "double stack" (high capacity) pistols, and the top 2 "single stack" (lower capacity) pistols.


  • Reliability--you should choose a handgun that has proven through time and use by military and law enforcement to be reliable.
  • Fit and Ease of use--the handgun must fit you properly, feel comfortable in your hands, and you should be able to manipulate the controls and "rack" the slide. FIT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! To check fit: When you have a proper grip on the pistol, place the middle of the first digit of your trigger finger on the middle of the trigger, and MAKE SURE you have some space between the frame of the pistol and your trigger finger. If the inside of your trigger finger is up against the frame of the gun, every time you press the trigger, you will move the gun to the side!!
  • Availability of accessories--you naturally will need a holster, night sights, and possibly other accessories.
  • Caliber selection--this is a debate that we could spend hours on discussing. I personnaly carry 9mm. Ammunition is readily available, it is inexpensive compared to other calibers including the smaller .380 ACP, has less recoil than .40 cal. and .45ACP which allows for faster multiple shot recovery, and has good stopping power using modern defensive ammunition. If 9mm is good enough for the F.B.I. it's good enough for me! Accurate shot placement stops the threat, not just a bigger bullet.



The Glock has proven reliability through law enforcement and military use for many years. It is easy to disassemble and clean, and inexpensive to maintain. They are available in multiple calibers, and come in 3 sizes-full size, compact, and sub-compact. The Generation 4 Glock comes with additional backstraps to make the grip bigger, you cannot make the grip smaller. You may also reverse the magazine release for left handed use. They also offer a "single stack" .380ACP and 9mm. Trigger pull weight is the same on every shot. Prices for the pistol are under $600.00.

The M&P has been around for a while now and has also seen use my law enforcement and military. It is also easy to disassemble and clean. They are also available in multiple calibers, and come in 2 sizes-full size and compact. The M&P is "fully amibidextrous" where the glock is not. They have slide releases on both sides, and you may also reverse the magazine release. The M&P has a more rounded and ergonomic grip than a Glock, and comes with interchangeable backstraps which allows it to fit a greater range of hand sizes. They also offer "single stack" versions.

If you have any questions on handgun selection please do not hesitate to send me an E-mail from the Contact page.