Student Comments

Shown below are just some of the comments from prior students of Jim's courses. He has never received a derogatory review on any of his courses. You will not find a more dedicated instructor! Jim's entusiasm, dedication, humor and handgun skills are clearly evident in every course he instructs!

Dear Jimmy,
I'm writing to commend you and the other Virginia Pistol employees for your help and expertise with regard to the handgun classes you offer. As you know, I have taken all of the handgun safety/self-defense courses that Virginia Pistol offers.  I feel like my knowledge and confidence regarding handling handguns has improved dramatically.
 Although I would recommend your courses to anyone, I particularly want to address the comfort I felt as a woman in  predominately male classes. You and your employees strived to make me feel comfortable and build my confidence while increasing my knowledge and interest in handguns, safety and shooting. I appreciated your patience and will gladly recommend your classes to others, especially women and new shooters.
Thank you again!
Shellie M.


I wanted to drop a line to thank you and let you know how much I learned and how much I enjoyed the Concealed Carry course on 2/20/10. To tell the truth, I was planning to continue my training at Silver Eagle (where I am a member) but after listening to you speak with so much passion about training during the recent law seminar I switched up. I am very, very, glad I did. Your passion came through the entire day, you made learning fun, and your vast experience was made obvious without belittling the inexperienced. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for my training, and I look forward to taking your advanced course at my earliest opportunity. Awesome!!

Best regards,



I would like to thank you for the training I received in the concealed carry class you taught on Saturday the 20th of February 2010 at Virginia Pistol.  I have been shooting firearms for a more than 20 years.  I have previously taken a concealed carry class that required a cumulative accuracy score to pass.  Although I was able to qualify shooting accurately, I learned a lot in your class that I did not know.  You prepared me not only with the correct gear, you provided me with skills I lacked.  I believed I was more prepared for conceal carry than I thought.  After your class I went home and found it took some adjustment to correctly position my firearm for carry.  I had not thought of how important this was until I took your class.  I also realized that my clothing had more of an impact than I realized.  Practicing the techniques you taught, on the first draw I practiced, I realized quickly I was battling my jacket to draw.  I am continuing to use and practice the techniques you taught and am very confident in improving my skills quickly.  More than anything you taught us seconds count and I need to practice for muscle memory so that I will react when I need to from training. 

I am aware of classes that can be taken on the Internet to receive a certificate, but after your class the thought of that scares me.  I do not believe a one or two hour video on the internet will in any way provide the training and knowledge your course provides.  Your focus on ensuring people have, not only the correct equipment, but the correct training for concealed carry should be the standard for a concealed carry class.  Thank you for your time and training.





As an ex-marine I thought I knew everything I needed to know about firearms, but I decided to take your Concealed Carry Course anyway. MAN am I glad I did!

The self defense instruction you provided was 'eye opening' starting from the DVD you played toward the beginning of the class showing actual self defense encounters, to techniques of emergency handgun clearance actions, threat identification, and awareness of my surroundings to avoid a dangerous situation in my opinion do not have a value that can be put on them! As you said, the best way to use your handgun, is not use it at all.

Your qualifications, additional instruction, but most of all your insight, and personable attitude made the course not only extremely informative, but enjoyable and fun. (Really enjoyed conversations we had during the breaks)

Please accept my sincere thanks!