Defensive Pistol Course Level 1

The focus of this course is to instill sound pistol marksmanship and safety fundamentals and introduce the student to sound basic defensive pistol shooting skills. The techniques taught in this course are a combination of the best techniques taught by Israeli Tactical School, Glock Instructors Workshop, Combat Focus and the N.R.A.

This course is ideal for both new shooters to help them develop their skills, and those who have handgun shooting experience, to help them break bad habits.

This course is a pre-requisite for Defensive Pistol Shooting Level 2

Your instructor for this course is Jim Johnson the owner and Chief Instructor of Combat Pistol Concepts and the Israeli Tactical School Virginia. To see his credentials as an instructor click here or on the link to your left. You will not find a more dedicated instructor!



Students must be at least eighteen years of age.
I suggest that students have either completed my Fundamental Shooting Course or another basic shooting course before attending this course.

Students must have the following equipment for attendance at this course.

  • Handgun: a .380 ACP, to .45 ACP Semi-automatic pistol or a double action revolver that is reliable, and clean! You should take this, or any other live-fire course with the handgun you plan on carrying, which fits you properly. Visit my Handgun Selection page for some guidance.
    PLEASE NOTE: the course is not for small "pocket or back-up pistols/revolvers". A primary defensive handgun should be used in the course.
  • Ammunition - 200 rounds of factory loaded practice/target ammunition. NO RELOADS!
  • Magazines - minimum of two, three preferred. Students with firearms that have a magazine capacity of less than ten rounds should have five or six magazines. Revolver shooters may want to bring speed loaders.
  • Magazine Belt Pouch or Speed Loader Pouch- double preferred
  • Holster - strong side hip holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard and allows easy re-holstering (polycarbonate/kydex suggested). The holster may be inside or outside the waist design. The holster should be a quality holster that fits the handgun properly. Cross draw or shoulder holsters are not allowed.
  • Stiff leather or tactical style belt
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Baseball cap or other brimmed hat
  • Water or sports drink, snacks and a light lunch
  • Folding lawn chair if you have one
  • Appropriate dress for the day of your course. No open toed shoes or shorts are allowed.
  • Handgun Cleaning kit and lubricants.

This course is a combination of instruction and numerous dry fire and live fire drills on the range using proven defensive techniques, including the following and more:

  • Safety, Comfort, and Competancy - goals and responsibilities.
  • Stance, Grip, Extension - proper stance, 2 handed shooting grip, and handgun extension to the target to create a bio-mechanical lock for recoil control
  • Balance of Speed and Precision - learning to recognize the balance of speed and precision and your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Efficiency, Consistancy and Effectiveness - how it effects your shooting skills
  • Combat/Defensive Accuracy - only hits count
  • Holster presentation (drawing) techniques without cover garment
  • Precision Shooting - developing techniques for precise shots
  • Rapid Fire Shooting - developing techniques for accurate rapid fire shots
  • Handgun Malfunction Clearance Actions
  • Warriors Expert Theory - definition, analysis and implementation in your training
  • Skill Development Cycle - how to continue to become the best shooter you can be

This course is conducted at my private outdoor range in the Woodstock, VA area. Written directions to the range will be provided upon registration.
This course is held on either a Saturday or Sunday, starting at 10:00AM (you should arrive at 9:30 for sign in) and ends at approximately 4:00 to 5:00PM.

Cost of this excellent course is only $85.00! You may secure your seat(s) in a course by paying a $40.00 deposit with the $45.00 balance due in cash, check, or credit card on the day of the course, or you may also pay the full $85.00.

A maximum of 8 students are allowed in the course, and the course may not be held unless 4 students have registered. If 4 students have not registered for the course within 2 days of the course date, the students who have registered may be re-scheduled for the next course date.

You may register for a course by following the directions below.

Fees paid are non-refundable. If something arises to prevent your attendance at the scheduled course date, and I am notified by phone or E-Mail at least 72 hours prior to the date of your course, I will reschedule you for another date and time. If you do not attend your first session without contacting me, or if you are unable to attend the second date and time scheduled for any reason, you will forfeit all fees paid.
I do reserve the right to reschedule a course date without refunding the course fee, in the event of illness, insufficient number of students, weather, or other factors which are not in my control.

You may view a current course schedule, pick a date that is good for you, and register for the course securely and easily online by clicking here or on the 'Schedule & Registration' link to your left.