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The Combat Pistol Concepts Defensive Shooting Course is an intuitive shooting course designed to increase your efficiency, and thus your effectiveness with a handgun, in the context of a life threatening encounter that occurs within what I refer to as the "Red Zone".

The training and techniques taught in this course is a combination of techniques learned as a Certified N.R.A. Personal Protection Instructor, Certified Combat Focus Instructor, and graduate of the Glock Firearms Instructors Workshop.

1. Intuitive - During a life threatening encounter our bodies natural survival reactions will 'kick in'. We have no control over them! These natural reactions must be incorporated into defensive pistol training so we perform the proper actions that will work well with those reactions.
2. Efficiency - a simple definition of efficiency is performing a given task with as little energy, effort, movement, and time as possible to achieve the desired results. Developing consistancy in your actions play a tremedous role on efficiency.
3. Effectiveness - Effectiveness, or achieving the desired results, is directly related to efficiency and consistancy.
4. Context - Training in "context" is extremely important for any type of shooting. The "context" under which we train in my course is that of a life threatening dynamic critical incident which occurs in the "Red Zone". A life threatening encounter is unexpected and chaotic and training should be as realistic as possible to prepare! Unfortunately far too many do not train and practice for this type of scenario.
5. Red Zone - Empirical evidence shows that a tremendous number of life threatening encounters occur at distances of 5 yards or less, which I call the "Red Zone". To be effective at these shorter distances a shooter should learn and practice the proper techniques that could help them survive.

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Jim Johnson
Owner and Chief Instructor
Combat Pistol Concepts and Defensive Training Concepts
-NRA Certified Advanced Personal Protection Pistol Instructor
-Glock Instructors Workshop Graduate
-Combat Focus Certified Instructor

-Former Military and Civilian Law Enforcement Officer