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My mission is to educate and train others to develop their self-defense mindset and skills so they may effectively  protect themselves and others when involved in a  stressful life threatening encounter.
I accomplish my mission by providing quality education and training in a professional, friendly, and small class environment. Students can learn everything from fundamental handgun marksmanship techniques through advanced self-defense techniques, developing the proper self-defense mindset, and an understanding  how the body will react during a violent and stressful  encounter.

Handgun shooters of all experience levels from the new shooter to the most accomplished shooter will be able to increase both their confidence and skills with a handgun during a life threatening encounter. Self defense training should not only be learning shooting skills! Hand-to-hand training and education on laws, and many other facits of self-defense is also very important!

A complete description of all the courses I offer may be found by clicking here or on the ‘My Courses’ link on the left.
Shown below are a few of my many popular courses.

  • Virginia Concealed handgun Permit and Basic Pistol Safety – this course is not only ideal for new and novice shooters, but is also excellent for accomplished shooters as a refresher.
  • Fundamental Handgun Shooting Course – the focus of this course is to instill sound handgun marksmanship fundamentals which is paramount before continuing on to defensive specific education and training. Ideal course for new and novice shooters as well as accomplished shooters who have developed ‘bad habits’.
  • Defensive Pistol Basic Shooting Course – this course is the first step in developing proper defensive mindset and shooting skills.
  • Israeli Tactical TAC 1 and 2 Pistol Course – this course develops more advanced and more aggressive defensive shooting techniques and mindset.
  • Close Quarters and Unusual Positions Shooting Course – you may not be standing or be a long distance from your attacker in a life threatening encounter. This course teaches techniques you can use if you find yourself in this situation.
  • Hand to Hand Self Defense for Women and Men – Commando Krav Maga hand-to-hand defensive training for women and men can save your life if confronted with an attacker at close distance! The techniques are simple, easy to learn, and can be taken by anyone!
  • Virginia Firearms and Self Defense Law – The law will only protect you IF you abide by the law, and remember that ignorance of the law is never a defense!

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Jim Johnson
Owner and Chief Instructor
Combat Pistol Concepts and Israeli Tactical School Virginia